American lifestyle, delivered.


1. was launched in September 2014, as a business unit to 1) Operate the overseas shopping store for Chinese consumers, 2) Create a new digital marketplace for US-China cross-border trades, 3) Develop a global supply chain to serve the broad-spectrum Suning O2O ecosystem, and 4) Facilitate strategic alliance with global retail players.


2. Operate overseas shopping store


Research number shows that China cross border market size is $35B in 2013 and will increase to $163B by 2018. 85% of Chinese cross border shoppers are buying from the US. To satisfy this growing demand, Suning launched the first USA Overseas Shopping Flagship Store ( under Suning’s existing ecommerce platform, on Nov 1st 2014, to bring quality US merchants and products to Chinese customers. The operation team integrates horizontally by building on similar/established categories as well as vertically by expanding sourcing, maintaining online platform, logistics, etc.


3. Create digital marketplace


To provide more exciting and interactive online shopping experience, has developed ecommerce platform. introduces American Brands to Chinese mainland shoppers, focusing on American niche brands that associate with healthy lifestyle and unique design with compelling brand stories. In addition to offering logistics and payments support, the platform provides a social forum where shoppers and enthusiasts alike can post, review, comment and share products which fit certain lifestyles. Haigo merchant partners are able to access and leverage the social data to better target and communicate their brand to shoppers.

Develop a global supply chain

Suning aims at building a worldwide supply chain by launching its “Global Buy” program (Phase I: Japan, Hong Kong, US; Phase II: Thailand, Australia and Europe) in 2014. Through the platform of, customers can easily purchase their desired products from anywhere in the world. As part of the program, connects local suppliers, logistics and merchandising team together. Building bounded warehouse in Hangzhou, Guangzhou as well as warehouse in US is part of the plan to ensure the smoothness of logistics during oversea shopping process.


Facilitate strategic alliance with global retail players

As a top retailer in China, and ranked 28th on the 2013 Top 50 Global Retailers list by Kantar Research (in revenue), Suning aims to build a trusted partnership with leading US brand name companies, and is committed to invest in innovative businesses that align and synergize with company's vision. is in conversation with world leading global retail players, to jointly expand and explore new market opportunities.